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The next step... Used in conjunction with the Growth Tonic, as the growth tonic contains many proteins, it will have a tendency to make hair dry, which can result in brittle hair. Thus we need to reintroduce moisture to the hair with the repairing treatment. The repairing treatment, with a unique blend of Argan and Jojoba oil will moisturise, and protect the hair from breakage. Regular use also treats flakiness and itchy scalp. The Repairing Treatment is perfect for Winter hair that tends to flake and dry causing itchy scalps.



  • No hormones
  • No animal by- products
  • Use as a hair mask or daily leave-in treatment
  • STEP 2

Wholesale Repairing Treatment

SKU: 67456
  • How to use HFY Hairline Repairer and Growth Tonic to achieve maximum results:

    Step1: Ensure scalp is clean and free of any silicone and oil build up.

    step 2: Spray directly onto the scalp and not hair.

    Step 3: Massage scalp to stimulate blood flow

    Step 4: Use DAILY for optimum results.

    Step 5: Apply HFY Repairing Treatment or HFY Pure Oil to add moisture and protect new hair as it grows.


    Please note: This is a 200ml bottles and if used correctly should last just over a month. 

    Best results are achieved when used in conjunction with the other Hair For you products in the range.

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