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The first step... A completely natural and organic product containing no animal or hormonal by-products, heavily saturated with minerals and key proteins for strengthening hair. The growth tonic is a vasodilator, which means that it dilates the capillaries in the scalp, creating a highway for all the proteins and minerals to reach the hair follicle.

Growth Tonic

SKU: 67449
  • How to use HFY Hairline Repairer and Growth Tonic to achieve maximum results:

    Step1: Ensure scalp is clean and free of any silicone and oil build up.

    step 2: Spray directly onto the scalp and not hair.

    Step 3: Massage scalp to stimulate blood flow

    Step 4: Use DAILY for optimum results.

    Step 5: Apply HFY Repairing Treatment or HFY Pure Oil to add moisture and protect new hair as it grows.


    Please note: This is a 200ml bottles and if used correctly should last just over a month. 

    Best results are achieved when used in conjunction with the other Hair For you products in the range.

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