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Hair For You

Click here to shop our amazing range of Hair care products, from growing afros to hair damage repair we have what you need.


Body & Soul

This Luxury skincare range will have your skin feeling and smelling like a warm summers day. 


Acne scars? Fresh Stretch marks after birth? Pesky scar from surgery? ClearScar heals your skin the natural way.


Breathe Beta

Allergies and cold are no fun. Breathe Beta will open those airways in no time!


Sani Nappi

Clean. Clean. Glorious Clean. Cleaning and being clean was never as easy then with Sani Products!


Swimming & Flying

Everything you need for your ear care needs. From flying to swimming, to drying your ears or keeping your little ones ears safe from external factors.

Essential Oils

Our range of pure essential oils.

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